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The Best Haircuts for Curly Hair!

woman lying down eyes closed with curly hair

This one is for all my curly haired gals & guys! Whether you have loose waves, tight coils or anything in-between, curly hair is a glorious gift from nature that needs to be celebrated. However, I understand that finding the perfect hairstyle for curly hair can be tricky. But don't worry, because in this blog post I'm going to explore some haircuts to make your curls pop, and leave you feeling fabulous!

woman with hands in curly layered hair

1. The Layered Bob

The layered bob is a versatile and trendy option that works wonders for curly hair. By incorporating layers into your bob, you add movement, texture, and dimension to your curls. This cut is perfect for those with thick or voluminous curls, as it helps to remove some of the weight and prevents your hair from looking too heavy.

Hairstylist cutting curl on dry hair

2. The Deva Cut

The Deva Cut was created by Devachan salon, specifically for all natural textures from wavy to super curly. The technique involves the stylist cutting each individual curl dry instead of wet, allowing the stylist to see exactly how the curl falls. The result? A cut that enhances your curls' own shape, texture and bounce.

woman with curly shag hair

3. Curly Shag:

The curly shag is a fabulous option for those who want a bit of an edge while embracing their natural curls. This haircut incorporates layers of varying lengths, giving your hair a textured and voluminous appearance. The curly shag is all about creating an effortless and lived-in look that exudes confidence.

Man with Curly Bangs

4. Curly Bangs:

If you're feeling adventurous, why not add some curly bangs to your hairstyle? Curly bangs can instantly transform your look and bring attention to your beautiful features. Make sure to work with a stylist who understands curly hair and can tailor the bangs to suit your face shape and curl pattern.

5. Long and Loose:

If you have long curly hair, let those gorgeous curls flow! Embrace your length and opt for a minimalistic trim that focuses on enhancing your natural texture. A long and loose haircut allows your curls to cascade down your back, creating a captivating and carefree look.

A woman with a pixie haircut

6. Pixie Cut:

Who says curly hair can't rock a pixie cut? This daring and ultra-chic style is perfect for those who want to showcase their curls in a bold and unique way. By keeping the sides and back short, you allow your curls to shine on top. Just make sure to find a hairstylist experienced with curly hair to achieve the perfect balance between structure and curls.

When it comes to curly hair, the key is to find a haircut that embraces your natural texture while reflecting your unique style. Whether you opt for a layered bob, the Deva Cut, curly shag, curly bangs, long and loose curls, or a pixie cut, there's a perfect haircut out there for you. Remember to communicate openly with your hairstylist, share your hair goals, and trust their expertise to achieve the best results. Embrace your curls, experiment with different styles, and get ready to rock the best haircut for your curly hair!

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