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Rock Those Roots! 5 Top Tips to Cover Your Roots in Between Salon Trips.

woman examining her roots in the mirror

Hey Beauties!

Picture this: you just stepped out of the salon with a fabulous hair color that makes heads turn. You feel on top of the world, but as the weeks pass by, those pesky roots start to creep in, we've all been there. But fear not! I've got your back (or rather, your roots) covered with some fun and creative tips to keep your hair looking flawless between salon visits.

a woman smiling wearing headband in her hair

1. Embrace a Headband or Headscarf:

Headbands / headscarf's aren't just for workouts or lazy hair days; they're also excellent for concealing those pesky roots. Choose a cute, colorful headband that complements your outfit and style, and voilà! You've got an instant chic look that'll make others wonder, "How does she always look so put together?"

Woman Brushing Over her Part

2. Change Your Part:

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple change in your hair part to camouflage those roots. Experiment with a deep side part, or switch from a center part to a zigzag pattern. Changing your part can give your hairstyle an instant refresh, and extra volume. Ahem, win-win!

A flat-lay of hair clips in gold and pearl

3. Play with Hair Accessories:

Elevate your hair game by experimenting with different hair accessories. From embellished bobby pins to quirky hair clips, the options are endless. Strategically placing these accessories can draw attention away from your roots and towards your fabulous style choices.

An eyeshadow pallet and a tin of eyeshadow brushes

4. A Touch of Eyeshadow:

Going out and looking for a quick fix? Try adding a brush of eyeshadow in a shade matching your color to dust over your roots. This will give you some temporary cover, and remember it's not weather-proof!

A woman spraying her hair with a can of product

5. Invest in Root Touch-Up Products:

OK, this one is the star when it comes to DIY root touch-ups! There's so many root touch-up products on the market, that come in sprays, powders, and pens. These can be your best friends, just find the shade that matches your hair color, follow the instructions, and say goodbye to root regrowth in a jiffy!

Remember, embracing your roots is all about confidence and owning your unique style. So, whether you're rocking a headband, sporting accessories, or using a root touch-up products, let your true colors shine in between salon trips. Happy root concealing!


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